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Most vehicle owners take pride in keeping their cars clean and will take the time to do it. Here are a few tips you can employ while washing your car to make it shine that little bit more.

Take a good, long look at the condition of your vehicle – When you evaluate the condition of the vehicle you will be able decide how best it should be cleaned. For example, a new car may only need a wash and wax to preserve its shine but a car which looks neglected might need to be polished and cleaned as well.

Read the labels of all the bottles – This is important because if you use a chrome wheel cleaner on an aluminum wheel, you can ruin the wheel. The application for soap, wax, or detail can vary from brand to brand and vehicle to vehicle.

Use the correct soap – Do not make the mistake of using a liquid detergent or dish cleaner. These can damage the paint as well as strip away the wax. Use a car washing soap so that you can have peace of mind. Remember to rinse your car first so that you can remove the larger pieces of dirt which might scratch your car while you wash it.

Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight – Keeping your car wet until it’s time to be dried is important because if the metal is hot, the water and soap will dry up quickly which will leave spots all over the paint and glass.

Start at the top and work your way down – If you start by cleaning the bottom first such as the carpets, you’ll just get them dirty again when it’s time to clean the upper surfaces.

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