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Electric Car Tips

As electric cars get better every year, people are considering buying these over regular fuel cars. Electric cars have a lot of advantages over other types of cars, one being that they are low maintenance.
Electric cars require significantly less maintenance than fuel consuming cars. Electric cars have a lot less moving parts and fluids. This means that there are fewer breaking points. But, one should not turn a blind eye towards the maintenance of an electric car. Here are a few maintenance tips for your electric car.

Battery System Maintenance:
Battery maintenance and replacement are some of the most expensive repairs for an electric car. Hence, you must maintain it in great condition. Most manufacturers provide a warranty of a hundred thousand miles or eight years. The batteries lose their efficiency over time and you may have to replace it down the line.
The Coolant System:
Electric cars with thermal management systems use coolant fluids and these need a change more often.
Motor Brushes:
Electric cars have brushes in their motors. These get worn out over time but they should last you about eighty to one hundred thousand miles.
As with non-electric cars, the brakes on electric cars also must undergo frequent checking and maintenance. Electric cars use breaks to turn the heat back into energy and have a few more technical problems if not maintained correctly. It is recommended that you get your brakes checked every 20,000 miles.
Tire Maintenance:
Tires are essential for all vehicles, and a bad tire can be harmful to your car and also dangerous for your life. Maintaining the perfect air pressure can help in the longevity of the tire.

Electric cars are becoming more common so taking care of them properly is very important. Have you ever considered buying an electric car? Our dealership right next to Ft. Lauderdale has trained and certified technicians that will keep your new electric car in perfect condition. See our services here.