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Why is My Paint Chipping?

One of the many things that reduce the aesthetic appeal in a car is damage to the paint of the car. Paint damage can occur in many ways like fading or scratches. Probably the most unavoidable paint damage is paint chipping.

What causes paint to chip?

The most common reasons for Paint Chipping are:

1. Climatic Conditions

Weather influences the chipping of car paint. In cold climatic conditions, the paint tends to contract and expands in hot climatic conditions. Constant contraction and expansion over time cause the outer layer to chip.

2. Weathering Agents

Weathering agents like dust, moisture, and dirt erode the top coat of your car’s paint. The topcoat is the only protective layer for the base paint which contains the color. Once the top clear coat has been eroded, the base coat gets eroded very quickly and turns into a paint chip.

3. Rocks and Debris

When driving on public roads, a lot of small but macroscopic stone particles fly onto the car body from the road. These stone particles are sharp and gouge into the paint of the car causing a paint chip.

4. Low-Quality Paint

Over the years, the automobile industry has seen a shift from Lead-based emulsions to Water-based paints as they are cheaper and are less harmful to the environment. These water-based paints are more susceptible to scratches and chips.

5. Corrosive Chemicals

Many car cleaning products available in the market contain chemicals that are highly abrasive or downright corrosive if applied incorrectly. This can cause the top clear coat to corrode away giving way to the softer base coat, causing paint chips.

Everyone wants a car clean, and free of paint chips. A great way to protect this is from having a car wash with a protective layer added to the car that helps prevent damages. See our service offers and start saving on your next car wash, or any other automotive needs. We are located in Sunrise Florida just west of Fort Lauderdale.