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Oil Changes in Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale

Your vehicle engine is its lifeline and keeping it cool and lubricated for the parts to work to the best of their potential is imperative. Oil is what keeps all these parts working smoothly and the engine temperature regulated. Changing the oil in your vehicle is one of the most basic, standard maintenance services that can be provided.

During an oil change, the oil filter is changed and the old dirty oil is drained and replaced with new clean oil. Changing your vehicles oil helps keep its engine clean and helps prevent engine sludge build up from dirty oil or old oil. The clean oil running through the engine helps lubricate all the tiny moving parts within the engine and helps to regulate the temperature, keeping the parts cool enough to function as they should and to their maximum performance.

How often should you change your oil? If you find that your vehicle is consistently needing oil, have a mechanic check that there is not a leak somewhere. Follow your vehicles manufacturers guide to determine when oil changes should be performed. Also keep in mind that you may need an oil change before the recommended time if you use your vehicle a lot and the road conditions it is driven in. Oil changes are a simple and inexpensive maintenance service that can save you a lot of stress and unnecessary future auto repairs that can arise if left ignored.

Don’t delay and schedule your vehicles oil change today. Give us a call or schedule service online at your convenience. We have convenient days and hours to accommodate our customers’ needs and schedules.